Objective Wrench & Pliers Instructions


An Objective Wrench is a tool used to hold the base of an objective while its outer decorative collar is removed with the Objective Pliers.  Some microscope objectives have an outer sleeve or collar containing written information such as magnification, N. A., etc.  This sleeve must be removed in order to expose sufficient cylindrical surface to install the Bioptechs Objective Heater.  The Objective Wrench is designed to enable the user to isolate the stress necessary to be applied to the objective when removing this collar.  The rotational force applied to the objective must be applied exclusively to the mounting threads and the collar.  The wrench has with two thread sizes 0.8" x 36 TPI (RMS) and 25mm x 0.75mm/thread.  It will enable the user to securely bind these threads and provide sufficient leverage for removal of the cover.


See illustration below

  1. Examine the objective and determine the point at which the cover is attached to the objective.

  2. Screw the objective into the appropriate end of the wrench.  Snug only, do not over-tighten the objective into the wrench! Caution: make sure the objective is seated into the wrench.  If it is not properly seated prior to tightening the cross bolt, the pressure will squeeze the threads laterally instead of binding vertically causing damage to the objective.

  3. Tighten the stainless Allen cap bolt adjacent to the objective with the enclosed Allen wrench.  Use sufficient force to slightly bind the threads of the objective.  As the three sections of the wrench come together it will force downward pressure on the objective, therefore seating it into the wrench.

  4. Using the Objective Pliers, grasp the outer sleeve of the objective and twist counterclockwise.  The threads of the sleeve are usually held fast by a drop of glue applied at the factory.  Once this initial bond is broken the collar will spin off freely.

  5. Release the bind on the base of the objective threads by loosening the stainless cross bolt. Then remove the objective.  The objective is now ready to accept a Bioptechs Objective Heater.  Write the mag, N.A. etc. on the outer surface of the outer tube of the objective with an indelible pen.



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