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CO2 Metering Pump

Bioptechs PN: 3384-1

  • No valves to clog or seals to leak

  • Tubing may be sterilized by autoclave

  • Pump has a purge/prime switch

  • 0.005 to 0.900 ml/min


Variable-Speed Pump

Compact, variable-flow, bi-directional, self-priming, peristaltic pumps offer precise flow deliveries. Ideal for use with conductivity flow-thru cells, liquid chromatography, collecting fractions, pH/circulating fluids or buffers in baths, and moving corrosive materials. They provide outstanding flow control and flexibility for transferring and dosing liquids. Fluid contacts only the tubing for contamination-free pumping.

Flow rates are from 0.005 milliliters per minute to 0.900 milliliters per minute. Variable-speed flow control provide fine resolution with a wide flow range. The revolution of one roller delivers a precisely measured volume specific to the tubing size and motor speed. May be used with up to 120 feet of tubing for remote sampling.

Tubing may be used with fluid temperatures from -80 to 500F (-62 to 260C). Use with food, pharmaceuticals, and other critical solutions. The tubing may be sterilized by autoclave. Unit pumps liquids and gases. Pumping dry does not harm the pump. Pump has a purge/prime switch for high-speed emptying/filling. It also reverses at the touch of a switch for ease in draining tubing. Three rollers reduce flow pulsation, prevent siphoning, and eliminate the need for check valves. There are no valves to clog, no seals to leak.

The 115-VAC CSA-approved wall power supply ensures that a safe 12 volts drive the pump motor. Comes with a battery connector for portable use with any 9 or 12-volt battery. Pump draws so little power it will run for five months on a car battery. Supplied with silicone tubing, and polypropylene fittings/nipples, 115-VAC wall power supply, and an accessory battery connector (battery not supplied). Packaged in a chemical-resistant ABS plastic case. Size is 6-5/8 x 4-3/4 x 4-1/2 inches and weight is 1-1/4 pounds. One-year warranty.

Shown below are typical uses for the Bioptechs CO2 metering pump.

Delta T CO2 Perfusion for a Heated Lid

Delta T Media Perfusion with Multiple Adapters

FCS2 & FCS3 Media Perfusion Diagram

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