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Objective Options

Objective Thermal Isolator & Spacer


It is necessary to use a thermal isolator to both prevent heat from the nosepiece from entering the objective and to prevent condensation from forming on the lower element. The Bioptechs' Thermal Isolator mounts between the objective and nosepiece and is made of a material having a low thermal conductivity. It also contains a two sided AR coated window and gas ports through which dry air is pumped to prevent condensation. It is necessary to provide a supply of dry air into the base of the Thermal Isolator. The Thermal Isolator will add 9mm to the height of the objective. Therefore, it is necessary to elevate the stage by the same amount. Bioptechs can provide stage spacers for you below. When the height of a microscope stage is modified to accommodate the addition of a Thermal Isolator to one of the objectives, it is recommended to add spacers to the other objectives on the turret as well to keep them parfocal. The Thermal Spacers other purpose is to thermally isolate the nosepiece of the microscope from the objective. It does not have or need gas ports or a window. It will enhance the thermal transfer efficiency of the objective (see thermographs below)

Note: When ordering Objective Thermal Isolators or Spacers you must specify the thread type.
RMS = 0.8" x 36 tpi = (approximately 20 mm diameter)
25mm x 0.75 mm/thread = (approximately 1" diameter)


Thermal Isolators
Part #: RMS - 152009R    25mm - 152009

Thermal Spacers
Part #: RMS - 152019R    25mm - 152019

60x objective without thermal isolator

60x objective with thermal isolator

Comparison of the effect of the use of a Thermal Isolator or Spacer.

Notice the difference in temperatures of the nosepiece shown above. The objective without the thermal spacer (left) is transferring of heat to the nosepiece. Therefore, more energy has to be applied to compensate for the heat loss as demonstrated by the elevated temperature of the heating band. Although it is possible to overcome the heat loss with more power, it is not recommended due to the possibility of damage to the objective and the fact that the temperature regulation will become more labored.

However, the objective with a thermal spacer (right) demonstrates very little heat loss to the nosepiece and the heater-band is obviously cooler. With less continual heat drain, less energy is required to establish and maintain temperature. Also notice how efficient the objective heater is transferring heat to the objective, you can see the band is significantly cooler. This means there is no excess heat being radiated from the objective heater band. Click here for additional thermographic images of Bioptechs products.

Thermal Propagation Videos

The time lapse videos below show how a thermal isolator or spacer decrease the amount of time it takes to bring an objective to temperature, decrease the heat loss to the nosepiece, and decrease the amount of energy to maintain setpoint temperature. To view the videos click on the images below.

Video of an objective without thermal spacer

Video of an objective with thermal spacer

Stage Spacer Kit


This kit provides the necessary hardware to accurately raise the height of a stage 9mm.

 The kit consists of:
(4) 9mm high machined stage spacers
(4) 5mm x 25mm allen bolts

This kit was designed for the 9mm Thermal Spacer or Isolator. (see picture below)

9mm Stage Spacer Kit
Part #: 19-19-03

Objective Wrench & Pliers


In order to expose sufficient surface for mounting heat transfer devices on some manufacturers' objectives, it is necessary to remove the outer decorative collar which contains written information such as magnification, N.A., etc. The objective wrench is designed to enable the user to isolate the mechanical stress applied to an objective when removing this collar. The rotational force applied to the objective must be applied exclusively to the mounting threads and the cover. The wrench is designed with two thread sizes (0.8" x 36 TPI (RMS) and 25mm x 0.75 mm/thread). It will enable the user to securely bind these threads and provide sufficient leverage for removal of the cover..
Click Here for User Instructions

Objective Wrench and Pliers Set
Part #: 021523

Objective Cooling Collar

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The Objective Cooling Collar is an attachment to an objective that provides an isolated pathway through which a refrigerated fluid can flow. this provides an efficient means of cooling the objective. The source of the chilled fluid can be as simple as a dewar of ice water or as sophisticated as an AC powered chiller bath. The removal of heat from the objective is more difficult than heating because you are limited by the thermal transfer efficiency of both the objective and the contact surface of the cooling ring. Therefore, the cooling ring needs to be of sufficient size to work. It is advisable to make sure you have enough room under the stage for the additional diameter required for the cooling collar and tubing. Cooling collars are precision machined to fit specific objectives. Please call Bioptechs for additional compatibility information.
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Objective Cooling Collar
Part #: 150303

Objective Cooling Diagram with Thermal Isolator

Objective Heater & Option Demonstration Video
Click to view, QuickTime 7 required

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