Delta T Accessories

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The Bioptechs Delta T™ Culture Dishes are designed and made specifically for live-cell imaging. They are made of a polystyrene perimeter and a coverglass bottom where the entire 23mm imaging aperture is available in a number 1.5 thickness or 0.5mm thickness.  They have an ITO coating on the underside that is electrically powered through a closed loop feedback system to directly warm the contents of the dish.  This is an exclusive technology to Bioptechs and provides features and capabilities no other system can match.  It accommodates a wide variety of specimen types including adherent cells, suspended cells, tissue, and artificial membranes. The Delta T™ Dish has an assortment of convenient accessories that expand its capabilities. The two most popular are a Heated Lid to prevent condensation and permit the introduction of a gas and a Coverglass Lid to provide an optical surface above the specimen. Each is available with perfusion ports.

See below for part numbers and price list or accessories tab for prices.

Artificial Membrane Adapter – PN: 0420011301
The Delta T Artificial Membrane Adapter is an accessory to the Delta T Dish that enables cells grown on the basil surface of an artificial membrane to be directly and easily imaged within a Delta T Dish. The Delta T Membrane Adapter is easily adapted to accommodate many of the artificial membrane culturing products on the market. The device shown supports a Costar Transwell™ membrane. The bottom surface of the membrane is observable on an inverted microscope and adjustable in the “Z” axis to bring the membrane into the plane of focus of the objective. Perfusion ports can be used to perfuse the basil surface of the specimen. Both surfaces of the membrane can be perfused separately with the appropriate perfusion tubes attached to the Hinged Perfusion Adapter. The Delta T Artificial Membrane Adapter is reusable and autoclaveable.When ordering this device, Bioptechs requires a sample of the insert to be used.
Note, there is a simple process of growing cells on the basal surface of the membrane so that the cells can be imaged directly through the cover glass bottomed dish.

 Artificial Membrane 2  Artificial Membrane btm falconhalfsectext

Corning Snapwell Membrane
The Corning Snapwell™ is an injection molded product of Corning that is available with a variety of membrane materials fused to it. They come six to a tray each with its own plastic suspension support. After you snap off the membrane carrier from its support structure it provides a convenient membrane surface on which tissue or specimens can be placed in a Delta T Dish. It supports the specimen 3mm above the bottom of the dish and provides a membrane surface through which specimens can exchange nutrients. In this orientation it is ideal for upright microscopes. Ports can be added to the Snapwell to facilitate perfusion under the membrane surface if necessary. It can also be placed upside down in the dish with the aid of an autoclavable glass spacer ring, available from Bioptechs, to position the membrane surface just above the bottom of the dish and within the range of focus of the objective on inverted microscopes. This technique when combined with the Bioptechs Delta T System provides the fluid containment, temperature support, and optical compatibility necessary to microscopically observe live specimens for long term experiments. In cases where it is necessary to also provide a controlled gas exposure to the specimens, a Bioptechs Heated Lid can be added to form a “Micro-Incubator” on the stage of your microscope.

 snapwellringdtdish  snapwelldt4  snapwellhldt4perf

Atmospheric Control Barrier Ring (ACBR) – PN: 04200325
The Atmospheric Control Barrier Ring (ACBR) is an accessory used to exclude ambient air from the contents of a Delta T Dish when using Water “Dipping” Objectives on Upright Microscopes. The ACBR is made of borosilicate glass, autoclaveable and made specifically to fit the lower lens tube of water “dipping” lenses. It is placed around the barrel of the lens to reduce ambient contamination and evaporation, thereby increasing humidity above the specimen and helping to retain the pH during long-term time-lapse imaging. An intermediate adapter ring is also available that is placed under the ACBR and fastens to the top of the dish to facilitate perfusion and/or the introduction of gas.


Brain Slice Adapter – PN: 0420201919
The Bioptechs Brain Slice adapter is an accessory designed for the observation of temperature controlled specimens that have to be suspended in an aperture and maintained in a 3D perfusable micro-observation environment on an inverted microscope. It has a Z-axis translator to position the specimen within the focus range of the objective and fluid ports to keep the specimen oxygenated with perfusion.

 brain slice asmb iso  brainslicetxt brain slice asmb btm

Cooling Ring – PN: 04200318
The Bioptechs Cooling Ring is an accessory to the Delta T Dish that positions a tubular, stainless steel ring containing a circulated chilled fluid to absorb heat from the specimen. The ring is a physical barrier between chilled fluid passing through the ring and the fluid surrounding the specimen. This cooling ring is made of 304 stainless steel and provides the microscopist with a convenient and inexpensive method of reducing the temperature of specimens in Delta T Culture Dishes. The cooling ring is supported on the stage adapter by a hinge mechanism that translates along with the dish. It is easily flipped out of the way to enable easy exchange of dishes in the stage adapter.

 Cooling Collar  Cooling Collar Stage Cooling Collar 3

Coverglass Lid – Non-perfusable PN: 04200312 – $189.75, Perfusable PN: 0420031216 – $316.25
The Coverglass Lid is an accessory to the Delta T Culture Dish System that is used when using transmitted, contrast enhancing modes of microscopy. It creates an optical surface above the specimen in the dish thereby preventing fluid motion at the air to liquid interface above the cells that causes the contrast of the image to change from image to image. Therefore, when acquiring a series of images in a contrast enhancing mode of microscopy, all images in the series will have a uniform contrast. The Coverglass Lid fits loosely on the Delta T Culture Dish and supports a 0.5mm x 22mm coverglass in the center of the field 2.5mm above the specimen. The Coverglass Lid is reusable and helps the Delta T bridge the gap between an open dish and a closed system environment. The Coverglass Lid is made of 304 stainless steel, is autoclaveable, and available with or without perfusion. The Cover-glass Lid and/or the Heated Lid are nearly essential for multi-user facilities.

 Coverglass Lid on dish  perf_cover_lid  Coverglass Lid Perfusion Stage

Coverslip Weight – 22mm Weight PN: 0420-0323-1, 22mm Coverslip Spacer PN: 070303-22-2, 22mm Coverslips #1.5 (100pk) PN: 0420-0323-2
The Coverslip weight is an accessory for Delta T Dishes that enables live cells grown on ordinary 22mm round coverslips to be observed on an upright microscope. It enables cells to rest in a temperature controlled media environment compatible with the use of high or low N.A. objectives on an upright scope. The Dish provides the temperature control. An autoclavable glass spacer ring provides a media filled well and a surface on which the 22mm round coverslip and coverslip weight is placed. Using this method, you can grow cells on inexpensive 22mm coverslips, then observe them on upright microscopes in a high numeric aperture compatible, temperature controlled, fluid environment with conventional objectives on an upright microscope. This method can reduce some of the workload from other live-cell inverted scopes in a facility. This technique provides a cost effective solution for live-cell imaging especially when combined with a time-lapse camera.

 cvrslip assemble dish  22mm coverslip glove  cvrslpweight800

Culture Cylinders – See price list for part number
Culture Cylinders are very useful in a live-cell imaging lab. They are made of borosilicate glass tubing, 5mm high, having an optically flat polished end. They are used to barricade cells or suspended specimens in a Delta T Dish or when plating cells on a coverslip to be incorporated into another structure for imaging. Their optically flat, polished ends seal to other flat optical surfaces without the need for grease. Therefore, their use does not contaminate or inhibit cells or their migration. They are available in a variety of inside diameters including, 1mm, 2mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm. Custom size geometries are available. The outer diameter is always 2mm greater than the inside diameter due to the 1mm wall thickness. The cylinders are made of glass having a specific gravity of 2.55. Therefore, they are much heavier than plastic cloning rings that have a SG of 1.1. Culture Cylinders can be autoclaved for reuse. In addition to positioning cells where you want them, they limit the amount of media that cells have to re-equilibrate once tripsinized so they settle down and plate faster!
When using Culture Cylinders, select the appropriate size cylinder for the protocol and place the Cylinder into the center of the dish. Pipette the specimen into the Cylinder. Then pipette media around the Cylinder to a depth equal to the depth in the Cylinder, thereby equalizing hydrostatic forces. Make sure to maintain a minimum 1.5ml of media in the dish to maintain its thermal properties. Several Cylinders can be used at the same time in a single dish for multiple specimens or to plate cell to cell interactions.

 CC on cvrslp water 2  CC Starter Set  CC rectangle 2

Heated Lid – PN: 04200803
The Bioptechs Delta T Heated Lid is an accessory to the Delta T Dish System. It is an o-ring sealed stainless steel ring containing an ITO coated glass window that attaches to the top of a Delta T Dish which will provide a condensate free optical surface overtop of the media in the dish. It includes a port through which 5% CO2 or a mixed gas can be introduced to maintain pH if necessary. It is autoclavable, reusable and powered by the Delta T Controller.

 Heated Lid  DT_SBS_wHL Heated Lid bottom

Delta T Heated Lid w/ Perfusion – PN: 0420080316
The Bioptechs Delta T Heated Lid is an accessory to the Delta T Dish System. It is an o-ring sealed stainless steel ring containing an ITO coated glass window that attaches to the top of a Delta T Dish which will provide a condensate free optical surface overtop of the media in the dish. It includes a port through which 5% CO2 or a mixed gas can be introduced to maintain pH if necessary and two fluid perfusion ports for perfusion of specimens. It is autoclavable, reusable and powered by the Delta T Controller. Specimens can be perfused by attaching perfusion tubing to the additional ports provided. It is recommended to use the Bioptechs Micro-Perfusion Pump with the dual perfusion tubing for this purpose.

 Heated Lid perf  Heated Lid perf bottom

Hinged Perfusion Adapter – PN: 0420081601
The Bioptechs Hinged Perfusion Adapter is an accessory to the Delta T System that provides users with a convenient and inexpensive method of supporting perfusion needles in the Culture Dish while maintaining low-volume perfusion over cells during long term-experiments. Perfusion adapters are sold in pairs. One hinge and needle is used for irrigation. The other is used for aspiration. The level of media in the dish can be can be maintained without overflow with the use of the Delta T Micro Perfusion Pump*. Additional supports can be added to hold gas jets, pH probes, cooling apparatus, or other items which do not require critical positioning.
Needles compatible with 1/16″ tubing
User adjustable friction for reliable positioning
Repeatable positioning flips out when replacing dishes
Adjustable pick-up tube to control level of media in dish*
Perfusion assembly translates with the stage adapter and dish
Eliminates the need for expensive micro-manipulators for low precision positioning
* Bioptechs recommends the use of the Micro Perfusion Pump with the double tubing set for closely regulated micro-perfusion.

 Hinged Perfusion  Hinged Perfusion in Stage  Hinged Perfusion in Stage 2

Media Depth Reducer – PN: 04200303
The Media Depth Reducer is an accessory for Delta T Dishes that rest on top of the dish and supports a hollow cylinder with a cover glass bottom that is lowered into the dish displacing the media in the dish immediately above the specimen. This reduces the depth of media above the specimen plane. Reducing this volume may be desirable when the media contributes to background fluorescence providing better contrast to the specimen, often used for yeast. The Media Depth Reducer is composed of a 0.5mm thick coverglass window mounted in a 22mm diameter stainless steel cylinder, which slides into a Delrin threaded receiver that is adjustable in the Z-axis by rotation of a metal outer ring that rests on the top of the dish.

 Media volume reducer dish  Media volume reducer glove dish  volumemediahalftextr

Tissue Slice Adapter – PN: 0420201918
The Delta T Tissue Slice Adapter is an accessory designed to support a slice of natural tissue such as bowel, trachea, skin, or other natural tissue at the correct distance relative to the coverslip in the Delta T Dish. The specimen is attached to an aperture so that the specimen is constrained to being flat on a carrier that is Z-axis translatable. This allows the specimen to be adjusted in the Z-axis plane relative to the focal range of the objective. The Delta T System accommodates the fluid, thermal, and optical environment. Therefore, all that needs to be done is to define the tissue on a plane parallel to the coverslip and adjust the position the specimen relative to the objective’s plane of focus.

 Tissue Slice 3  Tissue Slice 4  tissueslicetxt

Special support configurations are available for a variety of specimen consistencies.

Specifications are defined by the user because specimens vary greatly.


Delta T Culture Dish System
Delta T Starter Set 0420-4 $4,958.17
Includes the following: Delta T Controller, Heated Lid, Coverglass Lid, Culture Cylinder Pack: (1) 4mm, (1) 6mm, (1) 8mm, (1) 10mm,    
0.17mm clear dishes (10/pk), Standard Stage Adapter (please specify which stage when ordering)
Delta T Culture Dish Controller 0420-4-03 $3,731.75
Controller Power Supply 19-01 $37.95
Delta T Culture Dish Standard Stage Adapters
Leica DMIRB Triple Plate Adapter 04201203 $820.99
Nikon, Olympus, Deltavision Round Adapter 04201415 $820.99
96-Well, SBS Plate Sized Adapter 04202003 $820.99
Upright Universal Adapter 04202116 $820.99
Marzhauser, Zeiss (K), ASI, Ludl & Prior Adapter 04202602 $820.99
Zeiss (M) & Leica Single Plate Adapter 04202601 $820.99
Delta T Culture Dish Custom Stage Adapters
Zeiss (G) Adapter 04202603 $1,119.53
Marzhauser Scan 100×80 (160×116) 1917 $1,119.53
Leica Galvanic Round Adapter 04201207 $1,119.53
Leica Galvanic Rectangular Adapter 04201807 $1,119.53
Marzhauser Galvanic Rectangular Adapter 04202807 $1,119.53
Quixell Adapter 4201703 $1,119.53
Delta T Culture Dishes (10/pk)
0.5mm thick glass (clear) 0420042105C $66.13
0.5mm thick glass (black) 0420042105B $66.13
0.17mm thick glass (clear) 04200417C $66.13
0.17mm thick glass (black) 04200417B $66.13
Delta TPG Culture Dishes (10/pk)
0.5mm thick glass (clear, no temperature control) 0420040500 $40.25
0.17mm thick glass (clear, no temperature control) 0420041500C $40.25
0.17mm thick glass (black, no temperature control) 0420041500B $40.25
Discount Price for Multiple Quantities of Delta T Dishes   25 to 49 pk’s = 5% discount, 50+ pk’s = 10% discount
Delta T Culture Dish Accessories
Tissue Slice Adapter 0420201918 $522.45
Artificial Membrane Adapter 0420011301 $597.08
Brain Slice Adapter 0420201919 $597.08
Hinged Perfusion Adapter Set (2/set) 0420081601 $447.81
Cooling Ring 04200318 $223.91
Heated Lid 04200803 $447.81
Perfusable Heated Lid 0420080316 $559.08
Replacement Silicone O-rings for Heated Lids (5/pk) 40-1350SS $34.87
ACBR 04200325 $74.64
Coverglass Lid 04200312 $223.91
Perfusable Coverglass Lid 0420031216 $373.18
Media Volume Reducer 04200303 $469.05
22mm Coverslip, #1.5 Thick, 100 Count 0420-0323-2 $44.78
22mm Coverslip Weight 0420-0323-1 $44.78
22mm Glass Spacer (for Coverslip Weight) 070303-22-2 $34.87
Delta T Micro-Perfusion Pump 0420131616 $1,195.00
Delta T Micro-Perfusion Pump (Ultra Low-Flow) 04201310683 $1,350.00
Delta T Micro-Perfusion Pump (High-Flow) 04201372066 $1,350.00
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) C-Flex (0.062″) 0420042016 $137.50
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) Silicon (0.062″) 0420042016S $137.50
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) C-Flex (0.031″) 042004031C31 $137.50
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) C-Flex (0.020″) 0420020C20 $137.50
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) Silicon (0.015″) 0420015S15 $137.50
C-Flex Tubing (50ft) 202050 $62.50
Micro-Perfusion Pump Rod Mounting Clamp 16181303 $37.95
CO2 Metering Pump 03152-16 $600.00
Micro Gas Humidifier 130708 $650.00
CO2 Gas Regulation Valve (Demand Regulator) 03152-1822 $600.00
 Oasis Heating & Cooling System (2 to 45 C)  15-160  $3,125.00
 Perfusion / Temperature Controller (USB Interface)  13161603-13  $3,680.00