Delta T Dishes

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Bioptechs Delta T dishes have a German, Desag 263, glass bottom and are available with and without the ITO temperature control coating. They provide the convenience of a disposable plastic culture dish with the high numeric aperture compatibility and optical clarity of glass. These dishes are used routinely for Fluorescence, DIC, and Confocal imaging or anywhere that the highest image quality is desired. They are made of a clear or black polystyrene ring and Desag glass. The ITO coated dishes require a Delta T Controller and Stage Adapter.

0420042105C 0.5MM Δ T CULTURE DISHES (10/PK) CLEAR $66.13
0420042105B 0.5MM Δ T CULTURE DISHES (10/PK) BLACK $66.13
04200417C 0.17MM Δ T CULTURE DISHES (10/PK) CLEAR $66.13
04200417B 0.17MM Δ T CULTURE DISHES (10/PK) BLACK $66.13
420040500 0.5MM Δ T TPG DISHES (10/PK) $40.25
0420041500C 0.17MM Δ T TPG DISHES (10/PK) CLEAR $40.25
0420041500B 0.17MM Δ T TPG DISHES (10/PK) BLACK $40.25

The Delta T™ Dishes have a number 1.5 thickness, German, Desag 263 glass coverslip bonded to the bottom of the dish for high N.A. applications and are also available with 0.5mm thick glass for low N.A. applications. They have an electrically conductive, optically transparent, ITO coating on the bottom surface of the dish that when connected to a Bioptechs Delta T Controller heats the contents of the dish. Delta T™ dishes have 35mm O.D. and a 23mm central aperture. The peripheral region of the dish is tapered to reduce the dead-volume and the depth of the dish is 6mm to allow better access for micro-injection and micro-manipulation. The dishes are a hybrid of polystyrene plastic and Desag 263 glass. The outer structure of the dish is available in opaque black or clear and come with a lid of the same color as the dish. The dishes are also available in a plain uncoated, unheated version, called TPG (Temperature Plain Glass).

Thermographic Images
The thermograph on the left shows the efficiency, accuracy and uniformity of the Delta T™ system. Notice the temperature of the stage adapter. It is nearly the same temperature as the room temperature background. The dotted oval shows where the edge of the stage adapter is in visible light. Only the specimen and media are heated. Power consumption is 0.9 watts because heat is only applied to the specimen area. There is no heat transmitted to the stage. Therefore, it remains “Z” axis stabile. This is a sharp contrast to traditional peripheral heating methods (shown below right), and clearly superior.

Thermographic image of a Bioptechs Delta T System
Thermographic image of a Bioptechs Delta T System

Thermographic image of a Radiant Stage Heater
Thermographic image of a Radiant Stage Heater

The thermograph above on the right indicates the disadvantage of peripheral heating. This is a thermal image of a 50mm culture dish in the center of a 100mm diameter uniformly heated, 3mm thick, aluminum plate with a 25 mm hole in the center. This image was acquired after 20 minutes of equilibration. Note the high temperatures of nearly 60° C, that it takes to reach 37° C in the specimen area. In this case heat that is not beneficial to the specimen is sunk into the stage causing Z-axis instability, not to mention the non-uniform temperature of the specimen area.


  • Injection molded polystyrene sidewalls and lid, coverglass bottom.
  • Highest quality German Desag 263, low alkaline coverglass for optimum resolution.
  • 35mm O.D. and a 23mm central aperture with tapered sidewalls and low profile (6mm in height) to reduce dead-volume and allow better access for microinjection and micromanipulation.
  • Available in 1mm, 0.5mm, and 0.17mm (#1.5) glass thicknesses.
  • Available in clear and black (for fluorescence applications).
  • Numerous accessories specific to these dishes allow for specialized applications including: media perfusion, gas perfusion, sample positioning, heating and cooling.
  • Optional stage adapters available to fit most brands of microscopes, Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, Leica, EVOS, etc.
  • Optional Culturing Cylinders may be used to barricade cells or suspended specimens in a dish; or to restrict and concentrate the growth and location of cells plated on a coverslip without the use of grease.


Delta T Culture Dish System
Delta T Starter Set 0420-4 $4,958.17
Includes the following: Delta T Controller, Heated Lid, Coverglass Lid, Culture Cylinder Pack: (1) 4mm, (1) 6mm, (1) 8mm, (1) 10mm,    
0.17mm clear dishes (10/pk), Standard Stage Adapter (please specify which stage when ordering)
Delta T Culture Dish Controller 0420-4-03 $3,731.75
Controller Power Supply 19-01 $37.95
Delta T Culture Dish Standard Stage Adapters
Leica DMIRB Triple Plate Adapter 04201203 $820.99
Nikon, Olympus, Deltavision Round Adapter 04201415 $820.99
96-Well, SBS Plate Sized Adapter 04202003 $820.99
Upright Universal Adapter 04202116 $820.99
Marzhauser, Zeiss (K), ASI, Ludl & Prior Adapter 04202602 $820.99
Zeiss (M) & Leica Single Plate Adapter 04202601 $820.99
Delta T Culture Dish Custom Stage Adapters
Zeiss (G) Adapter 04202603 $1,119.53
Marzhauser Scan 100×80 (160×116) 1917 $1,119.53
Leica Galvanic Round Adapter 04201207 $1,119.53
Leica Galvanic Rectangular Adapter 04201807 $1,119.53
Marzhauser Galvanic Rectangular Adapter 04202807 $1,119.53
Quixell Adapter 4201703 $1,119.53
Delta T Culture Dishes (10/pk)
0.5mm thick glass (clear) 0420042105C $66.13
0.5mm thick glass (black) 0420042105B $66.13
0.17mm thick glass (clear) 04200417C $66.13
0.17mm thick glass (black) 04200417B $66.13
Delta TPG Culture Dishes (10/pk)
0.5mm thick glass (clear, no temperature control) 0420040500 $40.25
0.17mm thick glass (clear, no temperature control) 0420041500C $40.25
0.17mm thick glass (black, no temperature control) 0420041500B $40.25
Discount Price for Multiple Quantities of Delta T Dishes   25 to 49 pk’s = 5% discount, 50+ pk’s = 10% discount
Delta T Culture Dish Accessories
Tissue Slice Adapter 0420201918 $522.45
Artificial Membrane Adapter 0420011301 $597.08
Brain Slice Adapter 0420201919 $597.08
Hinged Perfusion Adapter Set (2/set) 0420081601 $447.81
Cooling Ring 04200318 $223.91
Heated Lid 04200803 $447.81
Perfusable Heated Lid 0420080316 $559.08
Replacement Silicone O-rings for Heated Lids (5/pk) 40-1350SS $34.87
ACBR 04200325 $74.64
Coverglass Lid 04200312 $223.91
Perfusable Coverglass Lid 0420031216 $373.18
Media Volume Reducer 04200303 $469.05
22mm Coverslip, #1.5 Thick, 100 Count 0420-0323-2 $44.78
22mm Coverslip Weight 0420-0323-1 $44.78
22mm Glass Spacer (for Coverslip Weight) 070303-22-2 $34.87
Delta T Micro-Perfusion Pump 0420131616 $1,195.00
Delta T Micro-Perfusion Pump (Ultra Low-Flow) 04201310683 $1,350.00
Delta T Micro-Perfusion Pump (High-Flow) 04201372066 $1,350.00
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) C-Flex (0.062″) 0420042016 $137.50
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) Silicon (0.062″) 0420042016S $137.50
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) C-Flex (0.031″) 042004031C31 $137.50
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) C-Flex (0.020″) 0420020C20 $137.50
Delta T Double Tube Pump Set (4/set) Silicon (0.015″) 0420015S15 $137.50
C-Flex Tubing (50ft) 202050 $62.50
Micro-Perfusion Pump Rod Mounting Clamp 16181303 $37.95
CO2 Metering Pump 03152-16 $600.00
Micro Gas Humidifier 130708 $650.00
CO2 Gas Regulation Valve (Demand Regulator) 03152-1822 $600.00
 Oasis Heating & Cooling System (2 to 45 C)  15-160  $3,125.00
 Perfusion / Temperature Controller (USB Interface)  13161603-13  $3,680.00