Perfusion Temperature Controller


The Perfusion Temperature Control interface is a Windows XP computer program with associated interface hardware that allows the user to intuitively and repeatedly control perfusion or temperature in micro-fluidic cell chambers for time lapse imaging. It is designed to address the fluidic and temperature control issues typical of chemically or thermally induced change experiments in live-cell chambers. The program provides a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) graphic preview of your input values then executes the values on command. Requires two Bioptechs Micro-perfusion pumps. Note: Windows 7 Version is currently under development!



13161603-13 Perfusion Temperature Controller $3,680.00

The greatest value, other than its utility, is the fact that you can save and repeat settings so that statistically comparative data can be acquired. It is extremely easy to use (just fill in the blanks) for precise and repeatable control of:

  •     Dual or single micro-perfusion pumps
  •     Flow profile to reduce dead volume delays
  •     Temperature and perfusion recording
  •     Data logging of perfusion and temperature
  •     Multi flow-rate calibration
  •     Temperature profiling and cycling
  •     Saving and reloading settings
  •     Graphic display of events

This program is a real time saver and valuable tool for anyone needing automated control of Bioptechs Micro-perfusion pumps.

How does it work?


Profiled Flow Cycle

A typical profiled flow scenario: Ca++ free medium flows from pump [A] at a specified low flow rate while cells are imaged to demonstrate their initial state for a selected period of time. Then pump [A] is shut off as Ca++ rich medium from pump [B] starts at the same flow rate as the previous [A]. Pump [B] then accelerates at a specified rate to a specified peak flow rate and holds for a specified period of time sufficient to displace the dead volume and diffusion gradient of the prior media in the tubing. At this time the flow rate of pump [B] is reduced to a specified rate optimal for imaging. This process is then repeated either cyclically or on demand. In this manner you have the ability to produce a quick, reliable and repeatable change of media.



Alternating Flow Cycle

An alternating flow scenario is used when the speed of transition and the need for a reduced flow rate for imaging is not necessary: This mode also enables the selection of a starting flow rate that is not timed so that the user can initiate the alternating flow upon demand. When start cycle is clicked the pumps simply alternate at a user specified flow rate and time duration without profile.


Temperature Cycling

The PTC program provides an intuitive graphic interface to program temperature variations into Bioptechs micro-environmental systems.There is no typical scenario for temperature variations. However, the program provides three stages of temperature transition per cycle and a terminal or infinite number of cycles.


Free Demonstration Now Available!

If you would like to demo this program, all you have to do is download the zipped program and uncompress the folder. There is no need to install the program to test it, simply run the Bioptechs Controller.exe direct from the uncompressed folder. Once the program starts it will ask you for a serial number, hit cancel and the program will be in demonstration mode so you can simulate experiments. When the program is in demonstration mode the program will not attempt to send values to a piece of hardware.

Program Screen Shots

Profiled Flow Window
Temperature Control Window
Alternating Flow Window

Self Help Wall Chart:PTC_chart_1280


This self help wall chart  will give you an in-depth look at the program interface with descriptions for each button, function tab, and user input box for the profiled flow and temperature control tabs. A full size 21 inch by 24 inch laminated self help wall chart is included when purchased.


  • 1 program CD
  • 1 program license key
  • 1 user instruction manual
  • 1 laminated self help wall chart
  • 1 USB D/A interface box
  • 1 cable to control two micro-perfusion pumps or one Bioptechs temperature controller
  • 1 cable to read data from a Bioptechs temperature controller

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